Happy Halloween 2015!

This year, our oldest daughter chose her costume. Since she is entering her tweens she went for the evil costume. Daddy’s first reaction was “Is that age appropriate?” I laughed out loud and said “Yes dear it’s totally fine.” I can’t wait to see Daddy’s reaction when both of our girls are sixteen and go to prom.  :-)

Our son was not feeling the festivities this year. Even though I tried to hype it up with some awesome costumes, he simply wanted to be a ghost. Not a fancy ghost with all the scary accessories, but just a white bed sheet with two holes ghost (three holes in this case). When this boy makes up his mind there is no way to change it. I guess that’s a virtue right? (Sigh….)

And this year my youngest daughter couldn’t wait to be Princess Elsa. All month she kept asking and talking about it.  Sometimes she would tell a stranger on the street, “I’m going to be Elsa for Halloween!” before even saying hello! So we found an incredibly over priced and terribly made Elsa costume. Note to self: it's my fault for thinking that an Elsa costume will be in every store. NOT. SOLD OUT. Almost everywhere!  We got lucky though and got the youngest to a happy state.

We are ready to go trick-a-treating and we wish you all a wonderful Halloween!