Meet Our KidLikeThat and One Happy Girl

This girl is full of life and sass! She is such an imaginative, curious, beautiful, intelligent and happy little being. Leah is my baby who's not so much a baby anymore, but a real big girl. A girl who will tell you she's big now, but who still wants to be held and cuddled by her mama once or twice a day and get cozy with daddy on the couch. She started in the transitional kindergarten at the same school as her brother and sister this year. She couldn’t be happier and is stoked everyday to be there. She enjoys painting, making new friends, and singing "her songs" and reading “her books” of which she has about ten. 

With each passing day I find myself echoing those dear grandmothers at the market who remind you that, yes, it does go so fast. I want her to know that at this young age she has taught me more about life and myself than I have learned from any school or lesson. She has helped me to be more patience, and has given me countless moments of happiness.

// Target top - Similar skirt - Target boots //