Meet MomLikeThat - Heather Piazza

This smart, fun and impressive mom is the head of Piazza Marketing Concepts. My husband actually met her first to talk shop over lunch. After their meeting he told me that I should contact her as we have a lot in common. We have since become good friends and share a passion for being active in our community. On weekends we often meet up with other moms in a running group called "Run Moms Run". Along with the 30 or so other wonderful moms in the running group, Heather and I run to get exercise, find inspiration and for the camaraderie. But we run mostly because we can. Here is more about Heather:

How would you describe yourself?

Passionate, driven, competitive

What do you do besides motherhood?

I am the owner of my own firm, Piazza Marketing Concepts. I play the role of Marketing Director for many organizations that either don’t have one, or need a fresh look at the current marketing and promotional tactics. I also donate my time (a lot!). Whether I am volunteering at my children’s school or acting as the Secretary and Marketing Chair for the American Canyon Community and Parks Foundation, I find that giving back is such a great opportunity to do something good for those around me.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Make yourself a priority. Once you do that, everything else will fall into place.

What’s your beauty routine?

BB Cream is the best beauty secret I have!

What’s your signature scent?

Romance by Ralph Lauren

What can’t you live without?

Aside from my family and friends? Chocolate, cheese and bubbles!

How do you balance your life?

Staying active. I realized that I need an outlet just as much as my kids do. There is nothing better than getting outside for a run, walk, hike or bike ride. In our house, my kids have gotten to love and appreciate the importance of dancing it out.

Who is your biggest role model?

That’s a tough one, though for today I would have to say Michele Obama. There are so many brilliant people in this world, both here and gone. I am a sucker for strong females who stopping nothing short of trying to make this world a better place.

Do you have a family tradition?

Every year around Christmas, my family (along with my extended family) congregates at our home for a day of holiday baking. We make the best Swedish Rye Bread and Cinnamon Rolls!

5 quick questions:

Favorite restaurant: The Pear

Favorite recipe: Good ole-fashioned lasagna

Favorite dessert: Crème Brule

Favorite drink: Anything from J Vineyards – they have fantastic bubbles!

Favorite movie: Love Actually