Meet MomLikeThat - Amy Payton

Amy is one cool mama! Not only is she very successful in what’s she is doing, but she is also the sweetest person. She is someone that you can always count on! I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to get to know her. 

How would you describe yourself? 

Tenacious, curious, silly

What do you do besides motherhood?

I am wife to my love, James Payton, who is the Lead Pastor at Crossroads Multinational church. I’m also a Senior Director with Thirty-One Gifts. I’ve been with Thirty-One for almost 4 years (my anniversary is June 27th) and I.LOVE.IT!

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Well…it wasn’t really direct advice, but there were a few women I really admired, and realized that they had a gift of making people feel noticed and special—they LISTENED and were curious about others! It’s something I’ve had to work at—I more naturally talk—but I’ve tried to instill that in relationships and in my business!

What’s your beauty routine?

So last summer, I started an experiment making my own toiletries and skin care….and I’ve never turned back. I wash my face with castor oil, use coconut oil and argan oil with essential oils as moisturizer, coconut oil/lavender essential oil/baking soda as deodorant, corn starch as loose-face powder and I make my own toothpaste. I tried the “no poo” thing for my hair….that wasn’t my best experiment!

What’s your signature scent?

Honestly, I don’t care for perfume—most of it gives me a headache! I use Arbonne Shea Butter shower gel (my natural versions clogged the shower drain) and I love that scent, and I LOVE the smell of lavender essential oil! I’m also a sucker for coconutty/Hawaiian-y smells!

What can’t you live without?

If everything else was gone, if I could rest my head on James’ chest and kiss the top of my kids’ heads, all would be well! But besides that—my ocean waves white noise machine and shoes.  I may or may not have too many of the latter….flip flops, stilettos, wedges, flats, boots…I heart them all except ugly, practical, comfortable ones. Why can’t I love the comfortable ones?!?!

How do you balance your life?

I like to think about things in harmony. My faith/hubby/family come first, but there may be a small season where a business or extended family thing tends to overshadow. But, I try to balance that with down time with my lovies immediately afterwards! We can drive ourselves nuts trying to achieve balance all the time—it’s more of a macro than micro thing.

Who is your biggest role model?

My Mom. I don’t think I realized what a great mom she was till I was one myself and knew how hard it was. My dad worked nights most of my younger years, so she was like a single mom to FOUR kids…and she ROCKED IT!!! And now she’s an amazing grandma—love her!

Do you have a family tradition?

We do a family prayer/song time each night with our kiddos…I love that time to calm down, debrief from the day and connect. We also love doing the question game at dinner where each person thinks of an open-ended question that everyone else has to answer. My kids love it and it opens up lots of fun conversations that wouldn’t normally happen!

What makes a MomLikeThat?

Be yourself, Mama. There is so much pressure today on Mom’s to be perfect….it’s just not true, no matter how amazing their Pinterest board is! There’s a reason why God gave my kids to me—they need me and the way I parent. That relieves a lot of pressure!

5 quick questions:

Favorite restaurant: With kids Lazy Dog/without kids Ruth’s Chris or Dukes

Favorite recipe: TO.DIE.FOR! Chocolate cupcakes and the best buttercream frosting EVAH!!

Favorite dessert: Dark chocolate covered strawberries….or this yummy Pavlova dessert my mom makes….now I’m hungry….

Favorite drink: Earl Grey tea with cream and sugar

Favorite book: “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers