Baby Wipes To The Rescue

The other day “Naked and Afraid” was on television. If you're not familiar with the show, it's basically this: drop off two naked people in the middle of nowhere and allow them to bring one and only one item, and then film. I told my husband if I am ever on that show the one thing I would bring is a pack of “Baby Wipes”. Who needs a pot or knife when you can have baby wipes to help you stay clean in the middle of an insect infested jungle!

All my kids are out of diapers, but I still use this moist invention for everything. It’s one of the most essential items in my cleaning arsenal. I use them on the kids to clean off spaghetti sauce that they can never get into their mouths but is always well placed high on cheek bones and eyelashes. I use them at restaurants to clean up after the poorly tipped bus boys. I use them at playgrounds to clean off who-knows-WTF was on that slide. But I also use them to clean around the house - baseboards, doors, light switches, etc. They are magic!

Here are more ways to use them. Have a happy weekend everyone!