Be Mine

Next week is Valentine's week and I see all things pink and red. Valentine's is in full swing over here at momlikethat headquarters - which, if you are wondering, it's my living room where I'll be making Valentine’s cards with my kids for their friends in school, and making sure my 4 year old doesn’t spill glue over our oriental carpets. The best part is that there is no junk food or sweets in this house until my six-week Whole30 challenge is over. I know very romantic...

Let’s be honest we all want our partner to plan something special or wear something sexy for the day. But men aren’t mind readers. When it comes to any holiday that requires gift giving, I make it clear to hubby what I want and where he can find it. Taking the romance out of the game? Maybe. But at least I’m getting things I actually love and everyone is happy. 

Let's run wild and free this Valentine’s Day. Buy yourself a little something sexy or sweet for fun! And forward this post to your partner. (And if he's reading, hint..cough…hint!)

Say no more….

Honey want to watch a movie with me?

How cute is this sweatshirt

Cute or Naughty?

Love Potion - Play with caution if you know what I mean ;-)

Sexy lace lingerie for the occasion

Valentine's card for hubby. I love you!

In love with them (hubby.. hint..hint..)

BFF Pin - How cute is this!

Love letter from Frida Kahlo to Diego Riviera - Now that's love! Click here for translation.

My current favorite song. Very appropriate for the occasion :)