20 Pound Challenge Napa Valley

With summer just around the corner, it’s time for me to get prepped for another 20-Pound Challenge with Napa Valley Fitness Revolution. This will be my third challenge and I can’t tell you how excited my husband and I are to get back at it. The challenges reshape our bodies, clears our minds, and resets our overall well being through proper nutrition and training. It's all backed by a team of coaches that gets participants to move better, look better, and feel better...all in just 42 days. It works every time for us. And we're ready to do it again. I highly recommend this type of program to anyone looking to make a difference in their fitness and diet, and my husband does too. 

So how to stick with the program? Join the challenge with your partner, best friend, or a family member. I have to say having my husband in the challenge really helped both of us stay on track and hold each other accountable. Having others join you also worked really well with a five person team challenge we did last fall. But if you can't find someone to join, you can do it. In fact, my husband's first challenge was one he did himself. He dropped 20lbs!  Napa Valley Fitness Revolution has numerous individual success stories

What other benefits do you get by joining the challenge? You will set good examples for your family and will get them involved. I took my daughter to one of the free cooking demonstration by one of our coaches, Tay Espinosa, so that she can learn that prepping healthy food it's actually fun, easy and delicious. This is another reason I tell everyone that our gym its not like any other. They are a community that truly cares about you!

Eating healthy does not have to be hard or expensive. When you join the challenge you will receive all the information on what to eat and a detailed shopping list for each week. You can also read some of my easy meals here, here, and here.

So are you ready for a spring cleaning? Let me hear you say "Yes, I am READY".  Join today and use code: momlikethat and get $25 off registration. Promotion ends Thursday 3/31.

See you at the gym!