Loving Learning

My kids attend a progressive education school where they embrace a hands-on approach to learning that integrates disciplines that challenges students to ask questions, research real-word problems, and design and build their own solutions. For more than a century progressive educators have touted the importance of creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration - what is currently called the “4 Cs.” Sadly, most schools don't teach with these concepts in mind. For example, programs that offer the opportunity for the 4 Cs like art, music, and physical education have been cut from many lower school curriculums.

I see how my kids learn by doing rather than memorizing information. They love to learn and are eager to go to school everyday. This is how we should expect our kids to feel about school. As a parent I highly recommend getting the book LOVING LEARNING: How Progressive Education Can Save America's Schools. This is the way we should teach our children. They all deserve better learning environments.

Below are some of my son's first grade art projects. What can I say, I'm a proud mama. Can you tell this boy loves orange?!