Celebrating and Remembering Sienna

We lost our dog Sienna over the summer while the family was away on a road trip. We received a call from our parents that she was in critical condition and in severe pain because of advanced stages of an aggressive cancer. We had a hard decision to make to end her life and we had to say good-bye over the phone. The whole family was saddened that we couldn't say our last farewell in person.

Today would have been her 10th birthday. We wanted to celebrate this day and remember her at her happy place - the beach. Sienna loved the water and there was no greater body of it than at an ocean beach. She would swim so hard and gulp so much saltwater that she made herself sick. But as soon as she got the salt water out of her - usually a really gross regurgitation - she was right back in the ocean frolicing in the waves. She was probably a surfer in her previous life.

Rest in peace Sienna bear. You are free now to see the world and swim all you want. We love you and you will always be part of our family and our hearts.