Meet MomLikeThat - Tiffany Larson

Meet my friend Tiffany Larson who is the owner and coach at Fitness Revolution in Napa. The first time I learned about her is when my husband said to me, "Honey, I really like my new gym!" Then six weeks later my husband lost 20lbs with proper nutrition and training. How cool is that! I, of course, joined after seeing the great results. Six months later we are still going to our classes and we love that it's not just a place to workout, but also a great community. The owners, coaches and members are so nice and unlike most gym memberships, people here truly care about you. Thank you Tiffany for all you do to help others get healthier and stronger. You are an inspiring woman on so many levels!

How would you describe yourself? 

Intuitive, Giving, Strong

What do you do besides motherhood?

I am a business owner and coach at Fitness Revolution. My husband Jeff and I started this outdoor fitness boot camp back in February of 2006. It started out as one class per day at a park in Napa and has grown to 4 locations, 44 classes per week, personal training, massage, over 250 wonderful clients and an amazing team of 7 team members that make it all happen!

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Oh my goodness, I'm usually giving the advice! There are so many pieces of advice but two stick out in my head and I know you only asked for one. My grandma would always say “birds of a feather, flock together” and when I was a young girl, I used to hate that saying because it was usually given to me at a time when I wasn’t choosing the best people to hang out with. Now it rings so true for me…. I really try to surround myself with positive people and people that are being or doing things that I aspire to be or do. Life is too short to hang out with energy sucking vampires. Also, a business coach I had used the phrase, “you get paid for done”.... I tend to procrastinate and whenever I put things off, I start hearing his voice saying “you only get paid for done.”

What’s your beauty routine?

First and foremost, exercise, water and vegetables. I am VERY low maintenance. Shower first thing out of bed, brush teeth in the shower, I only wash my hair about three times per week. I use a serum and a tinted sunscreen during the day and the same serum and a night cream at night. I like the Andalou products at Whole Foods but I flop around to different products based on my mood. I have my brows and lashes tinted every 4 to 6 weeks so I rarely if ever wear makeup. Beauty is what you think and believe about yourself, not necessarily what you put on your face or body.

What’s your signature scent?

Hmmm, again, I am not super faithful…. I do love Burberry Brit Sheer.

What can’t you live without?

First, my hubby, best friend and business partner Jeff. Next my kids….they are the greatest people!  Exercise. Daily personal development, I need to listen to something that makes me a better person each day, it might be Joel Osteen or The Father’s House podcast. It might be Dave Ramsey’s, Entreleadership, it might be a leadership book like 21-Irrefutable Laws of Leadership which I listen to periodically and repeatedly.

How do you balance your life?

I always joke that I am a recovering control freak. It sounds funny but it's true. Right around our second year in business, I was still working full time, we had 2 toddlers and a 9 year old, I ran a business at night and wore stress and busy-ness as some sort of badge. I ended up having, what I believe was a nervous breakdown. Then I started seeing a life coach who taught me a totally new concept of self-care. I started taking time out of my unbelievable crazy day for myself, to workout, or read or just breathe. A few years later I was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent several surgeries, chemo and radiation. An experience like that forces you to find balance in your life, it changed me. I can tell almost instantly if I am out of “balance” so I quickly start self care to get back in balance. My workout is non-negotiable. If I feel stress I walk away and come back to work on whatever is later. I come first. Then everyone and everything else. It doesn’t take much to really take care of yourself, maybe 30-90 minutes per day and it really makes a difference.

Who is your biggest role model?

I don’t have one role model in my life that I model everything after. I have learned a lot about the importance of family and stick together-ness from my grandmother. I have learned a lot about being strong and pushing through adversity from my mother, who, honestly I have never heard complain about anything, ever. I look to my husband Jeff for adventure and wisdom. My dad is very giving, (he wasn’t always) he will drop anything for me….I wish I had more of his willingness to give. And my daughters….I think it must be such a hard time to grow up with social media. Kids nowadays are bombarded with images and messages that they have to sort through to find their way in this world. To have a constant stream of influence and find a healthy, happy path is a challenge and I admire the way they handle it. Since I have so many amazing female clients, I get to pick and choose role models all the time.

Do you have a family tradition?

Birthdays at Benihana. Christmas Day at grandmas. Green jello salad at Thanksgiving. Summer vacation in Tahoe.    

What makes a mom like that?

For me it is always trying to be better each day. Even if it is just a tiny bit.

5 quick questions:

Favorite restaurant: Rutherford Grill

Favorite recipe: Against All Grain: Slow Cooker Curried Short Ribs

Favorite dessert: Carrot Cake or Strawberry Shortcake

Favorite drink: Water. But if you are speaking in terms of a cocktail, a simple mimosa will do.

Favorite book:  Oh so many. Just one? It’s not really a book it is an audio recording of some sermons by Joel Osteen “Living in Favor, Abundance and Joy”. I choose that book because it was pivotal for me in overcoming my “breakdown” and I listened to it nearly everyday while I was being treated for colon cancer.  I am not sure I would have survived or gotten through without it, honestly, it means that much.