Up Bay Finds - The Loft Thai Fusion

Happy Sunday! I'm starting a series called "Up Bay Finds" where you can find secret gems in the city of Vallejo, Mare Island, Benicia, Fairfield, and American Canyon. My husband and I have lived in Asia for many years before we came back to the Bay Area. So finding a good and tasty Thai restaurant to satisfy our palate and enough room to fit our family of five without feeling cramped was very challenging until we discovered The Loft Thai Fusion in Hiddenbrook Vallejo.

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Momlikethat - Upbayseries.theloft.entrance.jpg

This place has a very clean and modern look. My kids love all the legos, comic art on the wall, and not too mention the variety of food items on the menu. The price is pretty reasonable for a family of five as well.

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There are many healthy choices like this steak salad. But my most favorite dish is the sticky rice with mango. If you are driving up to Napa Valley for the weekend, I definitely suggest to stop at the loft Thai fusion for a quick lunch before heading to all the wineries. 

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Photography by Aurora Heitman