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I put this simple outfit together for a date night with a few basics I’ve picked from my closet. White boyfriend blazer? Check. Classic little black dress? Check. And street style sneakers? Check. All basic pieces but all very classic. 

Nordstrom blazer (similar here and here

Anthropologie dress (similar here and here

Adidas sneakers 

Photography by Aurora Heitman

Up Bay Finds - The Loft Thai Fusion

Happy Sunday! I'm starting a series called "Up Bay Finds" where you can find secret gems in the city of Vallejo, Mare Island, Benicia, Fairfield, and American Canyon. My husband and I have lived in Asia for many years before we came back to the Bay Area. So finding a good and tasty Thai restaurant to satisfy our palate and enough room to fit our family of five without feeling cramped was very challenging until we discovered The Loft Thai Fusion in Hiddenbrook Vallejo.

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This place has a very clean and modern look. My kids love all the legos, comic art on the wall, and not too mention the variety of food items on the menu. The price is pretty reasonable for a family of five as well.

Momlikethat - Upbayseries. theloft.jpg
Momlikethat -
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Momlikethat -

There are many healthy choices like this steak salad. But my most favorite dish is the sticky rice with mango. If you are driving up to Napa Valley for the weekend, I definitely suggest to stop at the loft Thai fusion for a quick lunch before heading to all the wineries. 

Momlikethat - Upbayseries.theloft.friedcalamari.jpg
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Momlikethat - Upbayseries.theloft.stickyricewithmango.jpg

Photography by Aurora Heitman

Chocolate Cake and DIY Succulents


Valentine's Day is almost here, and what a better way to celebrate the month of love with your loved ones with a simple DIY succulents and chocolate cake. 


The pebbles are from Michaels and the succulents are from Home Depot.


I got this utensil holder from Target and used here as planter.


I got this second planter from a local shop in St. Helena (similar here).


Favorite chocolate cake recipe here and frosting here.

Momlikethat - Succulent.JPG
Momlikethat - Succulent and Chocolate Cake.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day amor! 

Photography by Aurora Heitman


Pink Candy Cake

Momlikethat - Valentine's Day Cake 04.jpg
Momlikethat - Valentine's Day Cake.jpg
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How cute is this pink candy cake? I got the inspiration while looking for a rug at Home Goods. You see I was so distracted with all the pink hearts, candies, gummies, and macaroons for Valentine's Day that I ended up getting them instead of the rug. Yes, that's my story every time I go to Home Goods and Target

This cake is literally so easy to make and perfect to get your kids involved. Whether you bake and frost your own cake at home or purchase it, it's almost impossible to mess up. The candies cover up any imperfections in the frosting, and the more randomly they're placed, the better it will look in the end.

If you are baking here is my favorite chocolate cake recipe and buttercream frosting. Happy baking!

Photography by Aurora Heitman

Galentines With Ashley Rose Conway

Ashley Conway.jpg

Valentine's Day is next month so I thought this would be the perfect time for a Galentine's party with some of my mommy besties. Living in the wine country we tend to always go with a bottle of sauvignon blanc or pinot (my favorites) when dining out or entertaining. That's why I can't wait to attend the Macy's Culinary Council Event with Ashely Rose Conway of Craft and Cocktails. Where she is going to show us how to stock up your bar with the latest glassware, barware, accessories, and samples some of her signature cocktails. And nothing is better than a glass of yumminess when celebrating friendship!

If you love to entertain or are thinking of throwing a party, come join me at Macy's in Walnut Creek on January 27th at 2pm to learn all about crafting your perfect cocktail. RVSP details here.

Click here to learn more about Macy's Culinary Council.


"This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy's; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own."

Acacia House

To celebrate my husband's birthday, we went to Acacia House by Chris Cosentino located inside Las Alcobas Hotel. The food was excellent and their one-of-a-kind- margarita was exceptional! t was nice to be able to relax and catch up with friends after two stressful weeks from the Napa fires. Acacia House had a special menu item called the Napa Valley Spirit Menu whereby $10 was donated to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund in support of the victims of the fire. The food on that special was delicious and for a great cause. Cheers to great company and happiest birthday to mi amor!

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Momlikethat - Acacia House Burrata.JPG
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Fresh vegetables from Oxbow Market


Heirloom tomatoes from Whole Foods


Ritual Coffee Roasters t-shirt - Nike leggings - Nike sneakers from Nordstrom


Target sandals - A New Day skirt - Target t-shirt


Obsessed with hot yoga! Sweater from Boholifestyle (similar here)


Bootcamp at Fitness Revolution Napa


Puppy love ❤️ "Sparkle" trucker hat from Monday Sparkles


New hair cut by Mod Pod


Back To School Easy Dinner Ideas

Don't know what to cook for dinner during school nights? Here are some ideas and tips to get you started. First, make it simple. My kids don't like many ingredients in their dish so I don't go super fancy on the menu, but love to keep them fresh and mostly organic. Second, save some time by getting pre-made protein such as chicken skewers from Costco. I also like to get meatballs, and chicken hot pie from Whole Foods. Third, presentation. I use bento plates so they can see all the different items on their plate, and it also helps me to get more creative with side options. What are your favorite dishes you made during weeknights? Would love to hear from ya!

Momlikethat-spaghetti meatballs.JPG

// Spaghetti and Meatballs //

Momlikethat-Grilled cheese.JPG

// Grilled Turkey and Cheese Sandwich - Fresh Strawberries - Edamame from Costco - Baby Carrots //

Momlikethat-Hot dog.jpg

// Fork In The Road Foods Hot Dog - Fresh Cantaloupe and Blackberries - Steamed Broccoli and Carrots //


// Free Ranged Beef Burger - Steamed Broccoli - Apple Sauce //

Momliketat-roasted cauliflower.JPG

// Yellow Corn - Green Grapes - Chicken Skewers - Chicken Hot Pie - Roasted Cauliflower - Cucumber //