Pink Candy Cake

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Momlikethat - Valentine's Day Cake.jpg
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How cute is this pink candy cake? I got the inspiration while looking for a rug at Home Goods. You see I was so distracted with all the pink hearts, candies, gummies, and macaroons for Valentine's Day that I ended up getting them instead of the rug. Yes, that's my story every time I go to Home Goods and Target

This cake is literally so easy to make and perfect to get your kids involved. Whether you bake and frost your own cake at home or purchase it, it's almost impossible to mess up. The candies cover up any imperfections in the frosting, and the more randomly they're placed, the better it will look in the end.

If you are baking here is my favorite chocolate cake recipe and buttercream frosting. Happy baking!

Photography by Aurora Heitman