Recycling Kids Artwork

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School is out and like me you probably have tons of your kids artworks to put away. The best way to recycle them is to showcase them around the house. I get my frames from IKEA and Michael's

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I've been recycling my kids artworks in the last five years and actually it's one of the event I look forward during the year. It's like Christmas in June! What do you do with your kids artworks? 

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Photography by Aurora Heitman

Chocolate Cake and DIY Succulents


Valentine's Day is almost here, and what a better way to celebrate the month of love with your loved ones with a simple DIY succulents and chocolate cake. 


The pebbles are from Michaels and the succulents are from Home Depot.


I got this utensil holder from Target and used here as planter.


I got this second planter from a local shop in St. Helena (similar here).


Favorite chocolate cake recipe here and frosting here.

Momlikethat - Succulent.JPG
Momlikethat - Succulent and Chocolate Cake.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day amor! 

Photography by Aurora Heitman


Happy Easter

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having an easter egg hunt with friends and their kids today. I can't wait to see the excitement of my kids eyes when looking for easter eggs at the winery while we enjoy great vino and company. Easter is one my favorite holidays to do crafts with my kids. Thanks to Say Yes blog we learned how to make perfect polka dots eggs. Hope you have a relaxing weekend and a Happy Easter with your family!


Perfect Playdate

My kids get two weeks off from school during the winter break. The first week we are usually busy with activities in anticipation of Christmas. The second week we either take the kids to the snow or we play with the toys from Santa. This year I (Santa) got my kids subscription boxes from Avery and Austin, Kiwi Crate, and Monday Sparkles. We had so much fun crafting and connecting with each other through art projects, slime making and journal writing. I love when my kids get to have the perfect play date with mommy through creative play! (OK, we did have some screen time since we had to catch up with six episodes of Star Wars in order to see the seventh). 

Play camera kit from  Avery and Austin . Water colors from Target.

Play camera kit from Avery and Austin. Water colors from Target.

Busy box  from Avery and Austin

Busy box from Avery and Austin

Projects from  Kiwi  and  Tinker  Box

Projects from Kiwi and Tinker Box

Get the Journal  here.

Get the Journal here.


A Fun Way To Recycle Old Catalogs

Who gets tons of catalogs in the mail? Me!!! A fun way to recycle the catalogs is to use them as wrapping paper. I keep the ones with pretty pictures and backgrounds like this one from Anthropologie. Add a few personal touches and viola! It's also a fun project to do with the kids. 

P.S. - Every mom should have this book in their purse, kindle, car, nightstand, or closet.  You never know ;-)