My New Lunch Spot

momlikethat CIAatCopia Pork Ramen.jpg

If you want to scape from the crowd at Oxbow Market, walk over to CIA at Copia and visit the Food Hall right in the main lobby. Choose from wood-fired pizzas, fresh salads, gourmet cheeses, dim sum, and ramen. You can also purchase seasonal produce grown on the CIA’s Napa Valley farms and gardens. Currently I’m obsessed with their pork ramen. Seriously it’s the best in town! Go try it yourself.

Sweet Abe's Baking Company

momlikethat sweetabes vegan cupcake.JPG

Hump day happiness comes in a form of the perfect cupcake! Meet my friend Abrah from Sweet Abe’s Baking Company. She is a self-taught baker with a delicious mission - to create and cater a treat for every sweet tooth. Whether you are dairy free, gluten free, vegan, or paleo.. she has something for you!


She makes the most delicious dessert. This “Put the Lime in da Coconut” vegan cupcake is out of this world! It was so good.. I literally ate the whole cupcake in one bite. Definitely check her out!

momlikethat sweetabes vegan cookie.JPG

Blazer And Feminine Dress

momlikethat moderncitizen Melody dress03.JPG

I’ve been all over this blazer and feminine dress look lately and so happy it is back in a big way for fall. It’s the perfect mix of classic and chic. 

momlikethat moderncitizen Melody dress04.JPG

Long weekends always sneak up on me specially after back to school and I always forget to make plans ahead of time. We'll be relaxing at home all weekend but in my mind we'll be at our imaginary lake house living up the last of summer. Feel free to bring wine and meet us there or mi casa. 

momlikethat moderncitizen Melody dress01.JPG

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! and thank you for stoping by!

Photography by Aurora Heitman

Floral Kimono

momlikethat kimono meritage napa.JPG
momlikethat ted baker.jpg
momlikethat - kimono napa valley.jpg

Kimonos are the perfect piece of outerwear for the warmer months. They’re lightweight and come in every combination of material, color, and pattern, which makes them perfect for any occasion. This whole outfit would be perfect for Bottlerock this weekend. Hope to see some of you out there!

// Marshall kimono (similar here and here) - H&M camisole (similar here and here) - Nordstrom Rack Ted Baker London heels (similar here and here) - BP denim (similar here and here) //

Photography by Aurora Heitman

The Only Spring Dress You Need

momlikethat - napa silos anthropologie dress.JPG
Momlikethat - napa general store anthropologie dress.JPG
momlikethat - napa river front anthropologie dress.JPG
Momlikethat - Anthropologie Spring dress. JPG.JPG
momlikethat - napa valley anthropologie dress.JPG

One of my favorite brands to wear for spring is Anthropologie, hands down. I like the brand throughout the year as well, but their spring line is always what my dreams are made of. I found this beautiful embroidered dress a few weeks ago at my local store and immediately knew it was for me. I love when I find a piece like this. I don't see it online, but found similar options below. Happy Monday!

Anthropologie Dress (similar here and here)

Old Navy Denim Jacket (similar here and here)

Frye Boots 

Photography by Aurora Heitman

Back To Basics

momlikethat - white blazer celadon napa.jpg
momlikethat - white blazer Napa valley.JPG
momlikethat - white blazer the plaza napa .JPG
momlikethat - white blazer napa river front.JPG

I put this simple outfit together for a date night with a few basics I’ve picked from my closet. White boyfriend blazer? Check. Classic little black dress? Check. And street style sneakers? Check. All basic pieces but all very classic. 

Nordstrom blazer (similar here and here

Anthropologie dress (similar here and here

Adidas sneakers 

Photography by Aurora Heitman

Lots Of Red

momlikethat - whowhawearcollection.jpg

// WHOWHATWEAR dress - ANINE BING hat (similar here) - ANINE BING boots (similar here)  //

Momlikethat - Outfitpost red.JPG

// Ralph Lauren denim dress (similar here) - Vintage GUCCI (similar here) - Target sunglasses //

Momlikethat - Outfitpost copia.jpg

// Madewell dress (similar here) - Steve Madden booties //

Celebrating the month of LOVE with lots of red. Hope y'all had a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration with your loved nones.

Photography by Aurora Heitman

Acacia House

To celebrate my husband's birthday, we went to Acacia House by Chris Cosentino located inside Las Alcobas Hotel. The food was excellent and their one-of-a-kind- margarita was exceptional! t was nice to be able to relax and catch up with friends after two stressful weeks from the Napa fires. Acacia House had a special menu item called the Napa Valley Spirit Menu whereby $10 was donated to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund in support of the victims of the fire. The food on that special was delicious and for a great cause. Cheers to great company and happiest birthday to mi amor!

Momlikethat - Acacia House Margarita.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House Look.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House Chip and Dip.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House duck liver.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House Burrata.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House with the girls.jpg
Momlikethat - Napa Vally Spirit Menu.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House Napa Valley Spirit Menu Squid.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House Napa Valley Spirit Menu Pork.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House Napa Valley Spirit Menu cake.JPG
Momlikethat - David and Patricia.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House Pork Schnitzel.JPG
Momlikethat - Acacia House Group Shot.JPG
Momlikethat - Las Alcobas.JPG