Soba Noodles With Grilled Salmon

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Don't have time to cook dinner after a long day? Or are you tired of making the same old spaghetti or lasagna for dinner? Then try this easy soba noodles with Gorton’s Grilled Salmon recipe. It only takes 30 minutes from start to finish. Yummy enough that even the pickiest eater will ask for seconds!

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2 fillets of the Gorton’s Classic Grilled Salmon
2 cups of thinly sliced English cucumber
2 cups of baby spinach or any leafy green vegetables
8 to 10 ounces of cooked buckwheat soba noodles
1/2 cup of soy sauce
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/4 cup of rice vinegar
1/4 cup of honey
2 tablespoons of wasabi paste
1 teaspoon of sea salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper
1/4 cup of teriyaki sauce

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Preheat oven to 400ºF. Season the salmon fillets with teriyaki sauce and bake them for 16 minutes. While they are cooking, cook the soba noodles as instructed on the package. For the dressing, mix soy sauce, olive oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, wasabi paste, salt and pepper. Once the noodles are done and cool enough to handle, mix in the sliced cucumber, mixed greens, and dressing. Top it with salmon fillets and viola! dinner is served.

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It’s always a plus when this love bug helps me make dinner!

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**Original recipe and photos by MomLikeThat. If you share, please credit appropriately**