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When my tween daughter asked me to get deodorant for her, I freaked out a little. In my head I asked: Aren't you still a baby? And why are you asking me to get you something that I have never used in my life? (Yes, I'm very lucky to inherit good genes). The reality is that my baby girl is not a baby anymore. My protective mommy mode was in full swing and I started researching for products that don't contain harmful chemicals. Studies show that aluminum is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's and guess what, it's found in most regular deodorants. Yikes!

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Most regular deodorants include artificial fragrances and are made to stop you from sweating. But all that does it block your pores and sweat glands from doing their job. Our bodies are supposed to sweat and get our toxins out. Luckily I found Primally Pure all natural deodorant that truly works. This charcoal deodorant does it all, powerfully protecting against odor while nourishing even the most sensitive skin. 

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Here are the benefits:

  • Natural deodorant contains a small amount of baking soda (less than the original formula and a tad bit more than the sensitive formula) and is fortified with kaolin clay (powerful detoxifier) and non-nano zinc oxide (soothes irritation + combats odor).
  • Contains other good-for-you organic ingredients including grass-fed tallow, fair trade coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax and essential oils.
  • Activated coconut charcoal contains added detoxifying benefits while also deodorizing and disinfecting.
  • Goes on clear and doesn't stain clothes.
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Primally Pure believes fewer is better and using only the most pure and powerful ingredients our planet has to offer. They believe in daily baths, taking time to establish a good-for-the-soul morning routine, spending time in the great outdoors and giving back and serving others. Above all, they believe that beauty goes much deeper than simply skincare - that true beauty is caring for oneself and others, while cherishing and nurturing the gift of life. And that's why I love supporting this amazing company!

This post is sponsored by Primally Pure.

Photography by Aurora Heitman