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Summer is just around the corner and if you are looking to shed a few pounds along with your workout, you must try Protrain Food For Fitness. The best part about them, beyond the delicious and healthy meals, is that they can assist you to customize your meal plan based on your needs and fitness goals. 


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Beauty Finds

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This Jade Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Tool enhances your natural beauty by stimulating circulation while de-puffing, lifting, and sculpting the face. An ancient facial therapy ritual used in Traditional Chinese Medicinel, gua sha smooths, tightens, and firms skin while offering natural therapeutic benefits.

Ready, Set, Hut with Gorton's

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It’s football season and I love having friends and family over to watch the game on Sundays. I always think of appetizers that don’t require much prep time, yet are really tasty. Here my three easy and healthy appetizers with Gorton’s fish sticks and fillets. Enjoy!

Fish and Chips


1 bag of Gorton's Fish Sticks
1 bag small yellow potatoes
1 bag blended cheese
1 teaspoon of kosher salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of onion powder
1/2 cup of sriracha aioli
2 tablespoons of olive oil

momlikethat Gortonsfishandchip01.JPG
momlikethat Gortonsfishandchip02.JPG


Preheat oven to 375ºF. Place the fish sticks in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. While the fish sticks are cooking, cut the potatoes in half and season them with salt, black pepper, olive oil, garlic powder, and onion powder. Bake them on 375ºF for 20 -25 minutes. Remove fish sticks from oven and let cool for 5 minutes. Assemble the fish and chip by scooping some of the potatoes out, then place the fish sticks in the middle. Sprinkle some blended cheese then put them back to the oven for another 5 minutes till the cheese is melted. Serve with sriracha aioli sauce. These are definitely healthier than the classic fish and chips.

momlikethat Gortonsfishandchip03.JPG
momlikethat Gortonsfishandchip04.JPG
momlikethat Gortonsfishandchip05.JPG
momlikethat Gortonsfishandchip06.JPG

Fish On The Log


1 bag of Gorton's Fish Sticks
2 stalks of celery
1/2 cup of sriracha aioli

momlikethat Gortonsfishonthelog01.JPG


Preheat oven to 375ºF. Place the fish sticks in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. While the fish sticks are cooking, cut the celery in 3 inches length. Spread aioli mayo on and place the cooked fish sticks on top. Optional: you can garnish them with cherry tomatoes. These are fun for adults and kids!

momlikethat Gortonsfishonthelog02.JPG
momlikethat Gortonsfishonthelog03.JPG
momlikethat Gortonsfishonthelog04.JPG

Fish Sliders


1 bag of Gorton’s Crispy Battered Fish Fillets
12 Hawaiian or dinner rolls
1 cup of coleslaw (Get a ready to eat bag at your local grocery store)
1/2 cup of tartar sauce

momlikethat Gortonsfishslider01.JPG


Preheat oven to 375ºF. Place the fish fillets in the oven and bake for 20-23 minutes. To assemble cut the dinner rolls in half, spread tartar sauce on both sides, add a tablespoon of coleslaw, place the fish fillet on top and serve. They are so good. You can’t have just one!

momlikethat Gortonsfishslider02.JPG
momlikethat Gortonsfishslider03.JPG
momlikethat Gortonsfishslider04.jpg
momlikethat Gortons Footballseason fingerfoods01.JPG

Photography by Aurora Heitman.

**Original recipes by MomLikeThat. If you share, please credit appropriately**

Butcher Box

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If you haven’t heard, ButcherBox delivers grass fed beef, free range organic chicken and heritage pork directly to your door. All of the meat is free of antibiotics and hormones. They arrive on dry ice so you can just pop it in your freezer and defrost as needed. Super convenience and perfect for this mom-on-the-go!

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1. Curated Box (ButcherBox selects the meats for you)

Classic Box: $129/month, 8-11 lbs meat

Big Box: $238/month, 16-22 lbs meat

2. Custom Box (You choose what you want)

Classic Box: $149/month, 9-14 lbs meat

Big Box: $270/month, 18-26 lbs meat

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I think it’s totally worth the price. Between the convenience, amazing quality, and fair price – it seems like a no brainer to me.

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For a limited time Butcher Box is offering 2 free lbs of ground beef in EVERY ButcherBox when you use this link by September 30th. Did I mention FOREVER? Yes, you read that right. Get your box today!

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Photography by Aurora Heitman.

Primally Pure

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When my tween daughter asked me to get deodorant for her, I freaked out a little. In my head I asked: Aren't you still a baby? And why are you asking me to get you something that I have never used in my life? (Yes, I'm very lucky to inherit good genes). The reality is that my baby girl is not a baby anymore. My protective mommy mode was in full swing and I started researching for products that don't contain harmful chemicals. Studies show that aluminum is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's and guess what, it's found in most regular deodorants. Yikes!

momlikethat primallypurecharcoaldeodorant04.JPG

Most regular deodorants include artificial fragrances and are made to stop you from sweating. But all that does it block your pores and sweat glands from doing their job. Our bodies are supposed to sweat and get our toxins out. Luckily I found Primally Pure all natural deodorant that truly works. This charcoal deodorant does it all, powerfully protecting against odor while nourishing even the most sensitive skin. 

momlikethat primallypurecharcoaldeodorant07.JPG

Here are the benefits:

  • Natural deodorant contains a small amount of baking soda (less than the original formula and a tad bit more than the sensitive formula) and is fortified with kaolin clay (powerful detoxifier) and non-nano zinc oxide (soothes irritation + combats odor).
  • Contains other good-for-you organic ingredients including grass-fed tallow, fair trade coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax and essential oils.
  • Activated coconut charcoal contains added detoxifying benefits while also deodorizing and disinfecting.
  • Goes on clear and doesn't stain clothes.
momlikethat primallypurecharcoaldeodorant01.JPG

Primally Pure believes fewer is better and using only the most pure and powerful ingredients our planet has to offer. They believe in daily baths, taking time to establish a good-for-the-soul morning routine, spending time in the great outdoors and giving back and serving others. Above all, they believe that beauty goes much deeper than simply skincare - that true beauty is caring for oneself and others, while cherishing and nurturing the gift of life. And that's why I love supporting this amazing company!

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Photography by Aurora Heitman

FabFitFun Fall Box

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I received my first FabFitFun fall box and I’m in love! This box is filled with amazing lifestyle and beauty products from brands like Glamglow, Beautyblender, and Grownalchemist. My favs are the vegan leather tote bag from Vincecamuto and the wireless earbuds. You get over $200 worth of products for only $49.99! (Get discount code below). 

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The Fall Box supports Christina Applegate's non-profit, Right Action For Women which provides financial assistance for women with increased risk for breast cancer. Another reason to get a box and start spreading kindness! 

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Use the code PAT10 on to get $10 off your first box. The BEST gift box EVER! #FabFitFunPartner #fabfitfun

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Photography by Aurora Heitman

Sio Beauty

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Boy was this a busy weekend. I’m ready for some good night sleep. But first I’m excited to try Sio Beauty patches that help build collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and maintain radiant skin while you sleep. They work in one night and over time! Even if you are not in your 40’s like me, you can start using these now to prevent wrinkles or from going under the knife. 

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momlikethat siobeautypatches02.JPG

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Photography by Aurora Heitman

Back To School Cleanse Challenge

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Who had a little too much ice cream over the summer? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ve decided it’s time to reset my body with essentials vitamins and nutrients to increase energy levels, clearer skin, and positive well-being. I want to let you all be the first to know I have teamed up with @nekterjuicebar for a 5-Day Back To School cleanse challenge. Who’s with me? 

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Join the challenge with your partner, best friend, or a family member. The best way to stay on track and hold each other accountable. You can start with 1-day or 3-day cleanse if you think 5-day is too much for you. If you are interested in joining me in the challenge head over to Nekter Juice Bar and get 15% off on all your orders (online only) with code:  MOMLIKETHAT. Valid until 825.

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I've received this complete skincare kit from JKosmmune and so far loving it. After three days of using it, I can see my skin looks healthier and smoother. All their products are free of paraben, mineral oil, silicon oil, and all the bad ingredients that you can not pronounce. From cleanser to lotion, it only takes me 5 minutes in the morning which is a life saver for this mom on-the-go. Definitely try them out!

Here is a discount code for your first order: JKOSMMUNE10

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