Fall Trends Under $20

Here is a collection of budget-friendly finds for you. I pick classic fall prints, pretty jewel tones, versatile accessories, and the best part - they are all under $20. Happy shopping!

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Fresh vegetables from Oxbow Market


Heirloom tomatoes from Whole Foods


Ritual Coffee Roasters t-shirt - Nike leggings - Nike sneakers from Nordstrom


Target sandals - A New Day skirt - Target t-shirt


Obsessed with hot yoga! Sweater from Boholifestyle (similar here)


Bootcamp at Fitness Revolution Napa


Puppy love ❤️ "Sparkle" trucker hat from Monday Sparkles


New hair cut by Mod Pod


Girl's Weekend At Sea Ranch


Last weekend my mommy besties and I drove to Sea Ranch for a girl’s weekend. We started with a walk by the ocean. The smell of the coast was so clean and refreshing and we immediately felt recharged! After our morning walk we went back to our vacation rental and made breakfast where we all go to enjoy it without any interruptions from the kids. We continue the whole day with bubbles, Mexican mules, chocolates, and yummy food. It was so nice not to have a schedule! The next day we drove to Point Arena lighthouse. The view on top of the lighthouse was incredible! A bit of cardio with the stairs, but it's totally worth it! 

We had such a relaxing weekend and can't wait for our next girl's weekend. Here are a few candid shots from the trip. Ever been to Sea Ranch? Have some suggestions? Leave a travel tip in the comments below!


Back To School Easy Dinner Ideas

Don't know what to cook for dinner during school nights? Here are some ideas and tips to get you started. First, make it simple. My kids don't like many ingredients in their dish so I don't go super fancy on the menu, but love to keep them fresh and mostly organic. Second, save some time by getting pre-made protein such as chicken skewers from Costco. I also like to get meatballs, and chicken hot pie from Whole Foods. Third, presentation. I use bento plates so they can see all the different items on their plate, and it also helps me to get more creative with side options. What are your favorite dishes you made during weeknights? Would love to hear from ya!

Momlikethat-spaghetti meatballs.JPG

// Spaghetti and Meatballs //

Momlikethat-Grilled cheese.JPG

// Grilled Turkey and Cheese Sandwich - Fresh Strawberries - Edamame from Costco - Baby Carrots //

Momlikethat-Hot dog.jpg

// Fork In The Road Foods Hot Dog - Fresh Cantaloupe and Blackberries - Steamed Broccoli and Carrots //


// Free Ranged Beef Burger - Steamed Broccoli - Apple Sauce //

Momliketat-roasted cauliflower.JPG

// Yellow Corn - Green Grapes - Chicken Skewers - Chicken Hot Pie - Roasted Cauliflower - Cucumber //

Back To School Transformation Challenge 2017

I want to let you all be the first to know that my husband and I have teamed up with Fitness Revolution Napa to run a transformation contest starting on 8/22. It is going to be an amazing way to get in great shape and change the way you look and feel. And let’s not forget about the prizes!

The winning team takes home $1,000! 

Join the challenge with your partner, best friend, or a family member. I have to say having my husband in the challenge in the past really helped both of us stay on track and hold each other accountable. If you are interested in joining us in the challenge or just need some motivation to get in the best shape of your life, head over to Fitness Revolution Napa to get more info and register AND you can get $25 off your registration with my special code: "mom". 

Don’t wait too long or all the spots could be filled up. You are getting a chance to sign up before almost everyone and get a discount!

Register here and don't forget to use "mom" at checkout to get $25 off!